Size,RockShox,14円,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,MTB,,BoXXer,/India1182417.html,Fender,Red,,One RockShox MTB おトク Fender BoXXer Size One Red Size,RockShox,14円,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,MTB,,BoXXer,/India1182417.html,Fender,Red,,One 14円 RockShox MTB Fender BoXXer Red, One Size Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation 14円 RockShox MTB Fender BoXXer Red, One Size Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation RockShox MTB おトク Fender BoXXer Size One Red

RockShox MTB おトク Fender BoXXer 正規取扱店 Size One Red

RockShox MTB Fender BoXXer Red, One Size


RockShox MTB Fender BoXXer Red, One Size

Product description

SRAM knows that, for cycling enthusiasts, there's nothing better than the ultimate ride. Their goal is to keep making it better. And, as far as trail riding goes, a simple step up from good to great is easy enough as adding a fender. The RockShox MTB Fender is what we need when we don't want to sacrifice our rides or bodies to the mud we're riding through. They're designed to protect the most important parts of your fork with deep side tabs that keep dirt off your stanchions. It's constructed with a flexible, durable material that's designed to take on a lot of use so you can keep going hard on those post-work rides.

RockShox MTB Fender BoXXer Red, One Size

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