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Sling 新作通販 Bag for Men Small Black Water Port Crossbody with Bags USB 返品不可

Sling Bag for Men,Small Black Crossbody Bags,with USB Port Water


Sling Bag for Men,Small Black Crossbody Bags,with USB Port Water

Product description

1.Large Capacity, multifunction pocket

a.Separate tablet compartment: Fits UNDER 7.9 inch tablet

b.Large main compartment

c.Side water bottle pockets

d.Convenient card case on shoulder straps

2.USB charging

Offers an easy access to charge your devices. You can get it by two simple steps:

a.Put your portable charger into battery pocket, connect your power bank with the USB port inside

b.Connect your phone with USB port outside

3.Exquisite Workmanship

a.Three layers protective material-the outside splash proof oxford cloth, the insides strong panel, smooth lining.

b.With double durable metal zippers,for easy opening and closing of backpacks

c.With oxford fabric surface, save your ipad and other valuables from rain and water.

d.The entire surface using multilayer honeycomb mesh elastic soam, comfortable and breathable

e.The lower part of the strap is reversible, can be used left or right

4.Best Gift Ideas

Practical birthday gifts and functional present for those who go to school, traveling, long vacation and work. For your children, mother, father, best friends, her or him.

5. Easy to maintain

Surface fabric is easy to clean, just used a damp cloth to remove the dirt.

Not recommend washing by machine. Remove the USB cable, wash in warm water by hand.

6. Tips: Please allow slight 2-3cm manual measurement deviation, thanks.

Sling Bag for Men,Small Black Crossbody Bags,with USB Port Water

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