4pcs,Roof,/agrammatical659073.html,S,Cover,for,Volvo,Sequins,Automotive , Replacement Parts,22円,fibradevidrobh.com.br,Trim,Interior,Decoration,Car 4pcs,Roof,/agrammatical659073.html,S,Cover,for,Volvo,Sequins,Automotive , Replacement Parts,22円,fibradevidrobh.com.br,Trim,Interior,Decoration,Car 22円 Interior Car Roof Decoration Sequins Trim Cover 4pcs for Volvo S Automotive Replacement Parts Interior Car Roof 出色 Decoration Sequins Trim 4pcs Cover S for Volvo Interior Car Roof 出色 Decoration Sequins Trim 4pcs Cover S for Volvo 22円 Interior Car Roof Decoration Sequins Trim Cover 4pcs for Volvo S Automotive Replacement Parts

Interior 中古 Car Roof 出色 Decoration Sequins Trim 4pcs Cover S for Volvo

Interior Car Roof Decoration Sequins Trim Cover 4pcs for Volvo S


Interior Car Roof Decoration Sequins Trim Cover 4pcs for Volvo S

Product description

Fit For VOLVO S60 2011-2017
① Clean the place where you need to paste and then wipe the water with towel or tissues. It area should not have oil, water, wax etc.
② Determine the installation location and then make comparison of the product and installation location. If the product doesn’t fit your vehicle, please contact us immediately and DO NOT INSTALL.
③ When tearing off the double-sided adhesive of cover trim, you can’t touch the double sided paste with your hand.
④ In order to achieve better effect, if the temperature is below 20 degrees, we suggest heating double sided adhesive with hair dryer or lighter .(Do not heat over 40 degrees).
⑤ Align position and then paste. The paste effect depends on paste conditions and correct installation.
⑥ 20-30 seconds or more when pasting and don’t dip the item into water within 48 hours.

Interior Car Roof Decoration Sequins Trim Cover 4pcs for Volvo S


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