Card,/dragade966491.html,2022,100,Magnetic,Box,Refrigerator,,of,Calendar,,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Sh,32円,Business 2022 Magnetic Business Card Calendar Refrigerator Box of Sh 訳あり商品 100 2022 Magnetic Business Card Calendar Refrigerator Box of Sh 訳あり商品 100 Card,/dragade966491.html,2022,100,Magnetic,Box,Refrigerator,,of,Calendar,,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Sh,32円,Business 32円 2022 Magnetic Business Card Calendar, Box of 100 Refrigerator Sh Office Products Office School Supplies 32円 2022 Magnetic Business Card Calendar, Box of 100 Refrigerator Sh Office Products Office School Supplies

2022 Magnetic 交換無料 Business Card Calendar Refrigerator Box of Sh 訳あり商品 100

2022 Magnetic Business Card Calendar, Box of 100 Refrigerator Sh


2022 Magnetic Business Card Calendar, Box of 100 Refrigerator Sh

Product description

Color:Picture Frame

Our Economy Sheet Style calendars are 100% Made in the USA amp; include FREE Designer Envelopes Size: 3 1/2" x 6” Mails for the 1 oz. rate! Increase your business leads in 2022 with our Economy 2022 Real Estate calendar magnets! Dec. 2021 thru Dec. 2022 - Dec. 2021 is a fully usable page! EXTRA SPACE for note writing on bottom of each calendar page and a lined Notes area on full back of each month. BONUS mini calendars at the top of each page. Every page has large amp; easy to read calendar with holiday dates highlighted in red. Glossy card stock cover amp; inside sheets printed in full color. Reorder page for a 2023 calendar. We include Patriot Day, Armed Forces Day amp; Pearl Harbor Day on our calendars! Back Inside: 2023 Calendar; Back Outside: Household Codes amp; Passwords. Real Estate Calendar Magnets give you 365 days a year of magnetic calendar advertising!

2022 Magnetic Business Card Calendar, Box of 100 Refrigerator Sh

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